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2009年12月17日 (木)

[Vista] [メモ] SoundMAX と audiodg.exe、 というか AEADISRV.exe のこと

どうも SoundMAX の AEADISRV.exe (同名のマルウェアのほうじゃなくて、本物のほう) の評判がよろしくないみたい。
真偽のほどはわからないけど、 いっぺんサービスを無効にしてみよう。

[Å] 雑記ばらん: [WinVista] audiodg.exe がハンドルを食いつぶす場合の対処法
2009/02/24 (火)


□ Audiodg.exe のハンドルリーク

犯人は SoundMAX か! これで安定するとイイなあ

で、 SoundMax の中でも、 AEADISRV.exe に問題があるという話↓。

www.AnswersThatWork.com: What is AEADISRV.exe? AEADISRV.exe Task Manager Process Information

AEADISRV.exe Description :
Andrea ADI Filters Service. Service installed by the SoundMAX SupremeFX drivers for SupremeFX based sound cards, or for SupremeFX onboard sound (many ASUS motherboards, for example), fitted with Andrea Electronics noise filtering technology. The only role of this service is to aid the reduction of background noise when you use a microphone. Nothing else depends on this service.

AEADISRV.exe Recommendation :
There have been so many problems with this service since its introduction at the beginning of July 2007, and there are still so many problems at the time of writing, 18-Aug-2008, that the only recommendation we can make is to disable this service immediately. The list of problems includes blue screens of death (BSOD), this service hanging on Windows boot-up, error messages with this service at Windows boot-up, Windows delays when booting up, and strange instability problems. Disable by changing the Startup Mode of this service to Disabled on the Services tab.


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